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The “E” stands for “Equalizer.” Electric-assist bicycles make rides feel shorter and easier—and flatten the hills!

E-Bikes: the Great Equalizers

At Bike the South, we say the “E” in E-bike stands for “equalizer.”

E-bikes flatten hills and shorten distances. They allow people of differing abilities and fitness levels to ride together.

Friends who haven’t been able to keep up with each other can now ride together. People recovering from knee surgery or dealing with health issues can get back on the bike. Riders who simply worried about keeping up and making it to the end of the ride can now ride with confidence.

The “E” can also stand for “elation.” At least that’s how it often sounds when someone takes a first ride on an ebike. Especially if that ride involves a hill.

Experiences that may have seemed out of reach are now possible.

Tours are meant to be fun

Another way to look at it: You can stop to take photos and still keep up! After all, bicycle tours are meant to be fun--not a training ordeal.

E-bikes--or at least the ones you’ll find on our tours--aren’t like mopeds. You still have to pedal. But each pedal stroke gets amplified by the motor. In fact, some refer to them as “pedal-assist.”

You will still get your share of exercise--and a sense of accomplishment.

Low learning curve

If you’ve never ridden an e-bike, don’t feel daunted by the fact that the bike has a motor. The learning curve is flat, and you’ll be riding with confidence in a matter of minutes--or seconds!

Most e-bikes allow you to apply a range of power--from none to high. Happy to just coast along? Keep it off or in “eco.” Need to catch up? Click it up to “turbo.”


E-bikes are options on almost every Bike the South tour, subject to availability. We use Rideals for most tours. We also offer Yamaha Cross Cores on some tours.

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