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Bike Tour Lessons: Here are 7!

September 1, 2021

Bicycle touring is the perfect combination of cycling and traveling. Some exercise, some new sights, and a whole lot of fun.

With quite a few bike tours under our belt, we've learned a lesson or two (or seven!). Luckily for you, it only takes one bike tour to fall in love with this wonderful way of seeing the world and learning more about yourself.

1. Be present and slow down. When you get to see the world on two wheels, you're forced to slow down and truly take in what's all around you. This is unlike other common forms of travel via car, train, or bus. Even better, when you're off the bike, this becomes a great rule for day-to-day life, too.

2. “Be in the movie.” A writer once said that traveling around in a car, bus or train is like watching a beautiful movie. Adventuring by bike, though, is like being in the movie. You can immerse yourself into the culture, the surroundings, and the beauty all around you. You will experience a place in a way you may not have otherwise while not on a bike.

3. We all have a story to tell. Bicycle touring brings lets you meet so many interesting people, all with stories and tales to fill your journey.

Founder Jim Johnson fondly recalls a European bike tour when an elderly gentleman heard the group speaking English. He asked, “England?” A member of the group replied, “No, America.” The man knew perhaps 15 words of English—five of which he used in his response: “God bless America!” Thank you!” His daughter walked over and explained that his village had been occupied by the Germans in World War II and liberated by the Americans.

4. People are inherently good. You never know what goodness you'll cycle upon while traveling by bike. People offering directions, recommendations, or a good tale of the place they call home.

5. Calories don't count on a bike tour. You're going to burn quite a few calories with your cycling 20+ miles a day. Get the ice cream. Try the pastry. Have the glass of wine!

6. Cycle on the road less traveled, literally. Bicycle tours are often on low-traffic roads and bike paths. This lets you slow down and see things you would never see by car.

7. You'll have fun trying something new. For many, bicycle tours mean stepping out of their comfort zone. This can be where the best times are had! See new sights, meet new people, try something new!


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