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Helpful information about the rental bikes and gear

Top Considerations

To help you decide on your dream tour, start by asking yourself these questions. Then look at the tour descriptions to guide your choice.

1. How much riding have I done (and where)?

Do you like riding up hills or mountains, or are you more of a flatlander—or somewhere in between? Check each tour’s level of difficulty and its terrain. Choosing the right terrain—flat, rolling, hilly, or mountainous—can also make or break your tour (or you). And if you’re a flatlander, don’t rule out hillier tours. Instead, consider ones with electric assist bikes available.

2. How comfortable am I with traffic?

Would you prefer a route that primarily follows paved bike paths or quiet back roads? Are you comfortable with light to moderate road traffic? Will going “off-road” even on wide, packed-dirt trails make you nervous (or smile with glee)?

3. What's a comfortable riding distance for me?

Remember you are on vacation and there will be a lot to see along the way—so allow time for stopping, taking pictures and rewarding yourself with ice cream. In the case of multi-day tours, remember that you’ll be riding for several days, usually back to back. So don’t use your weekly Sunday ride as a guide. We almost never hear feedback that daily distances were too short! Again, electric-assist bikes are perfect ways to make longer distances seem much shorter!

Rental Equipment

Rental hybrid, road and electric-assist bicycles are available on many tours.

We use primarily Trek and Bianchi for our hybrid bikes. For e-bikes, we use Rideals for most tours. We also offer Yamaha Cross Cores on some tours.

Rental bikes are at an additional cost with the exception of our e-bike-only programs, where the bike is included.

Please note that we do not provide helmets due to hygienic, fit and safety reasons. However, helmets are required to be worn on all tours.

If you need to rent a bike, please note your preferences on the questionnaire that's part of the booking process.

Questions? Drop us a line.